RKO Saw was created by Roger, Kenny and Oswald (Ernie) Wiesner near Chicago, IL in the early 1970’s. The three brothers created RKO to fill a need in the fast growing carbide tipped tooling business that expanded across many industries. With the business growing faster and faster, changes were on the horizon: In the late 1970’s, Kenny followed his accounting degree and began working in the airline industry where he continues to be successful to this day.


Roger continued with RKO Saw, primarily serving the metal working industry. Oswald(Ernie) started his own business on the south side of Chicago which he named O Saw and Tool, which focused on the woodworking industry. Ernie established service routes throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa to meet the growing demands of the many woodworking business through the tri-state area. Ernie eventually relocated to Cullom, IL, which allowed him to be centrally located to serve his expanding service routes.


During the 90’s Carey and Ron Wiesner purchased the family business from their father. Ernie began a well deserved retirement until he passed away in the fall of 2000. To keep the business “all” in the family Carey & Ron also purchased RKO Saw from their uncle Roger in 1994. Roger continued to service the Chicago area in his semi-retirement until he passed away in 2002.



Throughout the 90’s and into the new century, Carey & Ron Wiesner have led RKO Saw through tremendous periods of growth. RKO Saw has continued to upgrade their equipment every year to keep up with the ever changing technology and to continue to serve their customers with exceptional service, quality tools and on time delivery. RKO Saw's latest endeavor is in the manufacturing and servicing of polycrystalline diamond tipped sawblades (PCD).


RKO Saw continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to manufacturing of the highest quality saw blades, whether it may be carbide tipped or PCD. RKO Saw is the leading saw blades manufacturer for the automotive, aluminum fabricators, plastic fabrication, printing facilities, woodworking and many other related industries, along with being a full service sharpening facility for carbide tipped & PCD sawblades and many various types of carbide tooling.